Being Example: Social Leadership through Positive Examples

Being Example is the new website I am currently involved in.

It is an online tool, which focus is educative environments, but everyone can use it. This platform is due the research of the last four years, is looking for simple functionalities which will be able to enhance powerful social outcomes. It is the result of an intense research inside different educational environments: United States, Saudi Arabia and Spain.

Anonymous Participation

The research that brings us to this output can be consulted here

I recommend you to register and start publishing good examples!!

Google Scholar, a useful tool for researchers

Today I want to share my opinion about the improvements done to Google Scholar, I used it for the first time long ago and I stop using it because I didn´t feel it were enough useful.

After seeing Dr. Habib Faround’s profile one month ago I changed my mind and I created my profile, the result can be seeing in the next picture, or you could see here.

Scholar Google

I highly recommend its use.

Setup a private git server

Today I had to set up a Git server for a new development.

I found this awesome tutorial:

It just took me 10 min!




Extract image sequence from MP4 video with FFMPEG

The ffmpeg command can extract an image sequence from a video, with a variety of different options.

ffmpeg -ss 00:00:25 -to 00:00:00.04 -i YOURMOVIE.MP4 -r 25.0 YOURIMAGE%4d.jpg

will extract frames

  • beginning at second 25 [-ss 00:00:25]
  • stopping after 0.04 second [-to 00:00:00.04]
  • reading from input file YOURMOVIE.MP4
  • using only 25.0 frames per second, i. e. one frame every 1/25 seconds [-r 25.0]
  • as JPEG images with the names YOURIMAGE%04d.jpg, where %4d is a 4-digit autoincrement number with leading zeros.

Source – Your personal shopper app is the new project I am currently involved in together with @guille_arregui. is a personal shopper app that suggests you clothes based on your physical attributes. The app features and intelligent engine that learns about your fashion preferences and style as you use the application, in order to offer better results as time passes.

Currently we gather products from Spain and UK with the Ebay API. The application is in spanish, for now.

We are still in a very early stage, but we have plenty of ideas to keep working and improve the product. If you want to know more or give as a hand, don’t hesitate to contact us. Any help is very welcome! - ropa mujer – Tu personal shopper online es el nuevo proyecto en el que estoy involucrado junto con @guille_arregui. es un personal shopper online que te recomienda ropa en base a tus atributos físicos. El sistema dispone de un motor inteligente que aprende de tus gustos a medida que vas utilizando la aplicación para ofrecerte mejores resultados.

Actualmente,  conseguimos productos de España y UK a través de la potente API de Ebay.

Estamos en versión muy inicial y tenemos un montón de ideas para seguir trabajando y mejorar el producto. Si nos quieres echar una mano, toda ayuda es bienvenida!

Tu personal shopper online - ropa mujer


Un gran ejemplo de creatividad

Aquí os dejo una felicitación navideña muy creativa …

Felices Fiestas

El grupo humano que formamos ITKnowingness os desea felices fiestas y que el fin y comienzo de año sirva para abrir, cerrar, hacer balance etc., de proyectos personales y profesionales de la mejor manera posible.

Este blog, un proyecto que comenzamos hace un año y un mes, es uno de nuestros proyectos abiertos y espero que continuemos online mucho tiempo más.


Nuublo v0.2

Nuublo v0.2 is now available with the following:

– Users can comment/chat   about the weather in the city the searched (and surroundings). Other users that are viewing the same city or nearby places will also see the comment. For now, comments are anonymous.

– Comments that contain weather related words are stored using MongoDB and will be showed afterwards.

– Real-time Nearby user detection: When a new user connects  place  and there other users that are viewing nearby places(e.g in a 50 kms radius), Nuublo will notify them that there is a new user in the surroundings. In this way, Nuublo encourages  nearby users to do the weather talk.

– Some issues in Firefox resolved.

– Improved design.